At Shrinking On a Budget Meal Plans, we understand that life gets hectic.  And exhausting.   Back to School season is an
exciting time.  But between work,  sports or music practice, and homework, we as parents have a seemingly unbearable
amount on our plates.

The Solution? Easy, light family friendly meals. And a completely mapped out game plan for breakfast,
lunch and snacks - complete with Weight Watchers Points+
and a link pointing you in the direction of   an
extremely reliable source that will teach you  how to do Weight Watchers for free.

At Shrinking On a Budget we truly understand that the hectic pace of life makes even just getting Family Dinner on the
table a challenge.  Add weight loss goals to your list and it gets even tougher.   

Allow us to take some stress off your shoulders. We'll plan Family Friendly meals that can help you lose the weight in a
safe and delicious way.
Jump start your swimsuit season by ditching the fad diet and choose a solution that
allows you to lose weight in a healthy way - and actually
keep it off.   

Our entire staff is on maintenance with Weight Watchers.  So we've lost the weight and want to help you.  We've probably
experienced every pitfall that you have. Between the 5 of us, we have blown through more fad diets than you can imagine.  
We all found that only a diet that is truly a
lifestyle change, like Weight Watchers, did the trick.  

Experts agree that eating the same dinner your family eats greatly increases your chances of success with weight
loss.  Plus, healthy dinners instill greatly needed food knowledge and values for your kids.  And I guess we don't have to
tell you that it is a proven fact that regular family dinners significantly decrease the odds of your kids doing drugs - and
even helps them perform better at school.

We'll help you every step of the way with a solid, workable game plan to finally lose that weight
that just won't seem to stay off.  

We'll give the advantage of more free time. And a break from Meal Planning. So you can focus on your family and your
weight loss goals.  All while providing your family with healthy, delicious meals.
Shrinking On A Budget Meal Plan
IMPORTANT LEGAL INFO: Shrinking On A Budget is not affiliated with Weight Watchers International in any way, and Weight Watchers has not reviewed this site for accuracy or suitability for WW members.  See bottom of page for details.
It's possible to eat Points+ Friendly, low-fat meals and snacks you love while sticking to a healthy eating plan.  For dinnertime,
even during hectic weekdays, to be less chaotic.  It's possible to reclaim a skinnier you even during a busy summer.
It's possible to make regular Family Dinner a priority this year.
It's possible to put low-fat, delicious and comforting food on the table your kids will actually eat.
It's possible to enjoy the same mouth watering meal your family does at night. To teach your kids by example that you
have adopted a healthy lifestyle that you want to share with them.  To show them that healthy food truly can be delicious.
Part Meal Plan, part Survival Guide, Shrinking On A Budget Meal Plans are a whole new way of
cooking for your family - and losing the weight!  We're a solution to your dinner dilemma so
you can teach your kids the important lesson that healthy food can be delicious!
Let us show you what IS possible.   
To spend less time in the kitchen and more time on what matters.  To be less stressed.  To find a quiet moment to
remember the importance of being a good healthy role model for your  kids. To surrender to desperate take-out less
often.  To spend more quality time at the dinner table with your precious family and less time staring into the
pantry looking for dinner ideas.
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Watchers to fully enjoy Weight Watchers many benefits.