Shrinking On A Budget Meal Plans
flavorful recipes. Great job and
keep up the wonderful recipes.
Stacy,   Alpharetta, GA

The recipes are fantastic, my
food costs have dropped and
my kids are actually eating
what I put on their plates every
night.  Dinner Hour is much
less of a whine fest. Love what
you do. Keep those recipes
Joy,  Harrisburg, PA

I signed up with your plan with
a promotional deal, thinking it
would be worth the $1/month
just to have PointsPlus
calculated for me. I never
expected to love the meals so
much!  Your recipes are
always delicious. And I would
never guess they are
PointsPlus friendly.  But my
waistline tells the story.  My
whole family says thanks!
Janet  West   Wendover, NV

Your meal plans have been a
Godsend to my teenage son.
We were given the directive for
him to lose 25 pounds.   His
doctor recommended Weight
Watchers and a friend
recommended your meal
plans.  He has lost the weight
and his self-esteem is soaring.  
I cook one of your dinners
every night for our family and
my son is actually helping on
occasion.  And I love how they
fit into our hectic schedule.  I
just frankly wouldn't have the
time to plan everything out.
Jill    Alberta, Canada

I love that your recipes are
like comfort food without the
guilt.  I'm a newlywed and my
new hubster thinks I'm a
rockstar in the kitchen thanks
to you.  Super easy
instructions for us kitchen
novices are mucho
appreciated.  Keep them
coming girl!
Darlene    Hixson, TN
  • 28 Points+ friendly, picky eater approved dinners and sides with recipes
  • 8 Points+ friendly breakfasts with recipes
  • 8 Points+ friendly lunches with recipes
  • 8 Points+ friendly snacks
  • 8 Points+ friendly desserts
  • 7 additional Seasonal Favorites recipes on Meal Plan Portal at all times
with both feet.  I am from the mid west. You
know totally a beef and potatoes kind of girl,
and so are my family. Well tonight we
decided to make the fish tostadas (we have
said we are jumping in with two feet in the
deep end. I as well as my family were very
apprehensive. I have to tell you though my
family LOVED them. They could not get
enough. It was the first time that we did not
just immediately want to throw fish away.
Even my picky eater, the 3 year old, ate the
fish and salad without a fight. I can't wait to
make the rest of the recipes on the list.

I wanted to let you know how helpful
shrinkingonabudget is.  I rely on it so much,
it's my go-to first for planning dinner and
making snacks and breakfast!!! I grab the
binder and flip through recipes as I plan my
menu for the week and five out of seven
days are usually your recipes.  I've referred
many of my friends to your website
Paul and Ellen    Edison, NJ

As a single Mom, this service has changed
my life.  I'm actually tossing out the "fat

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have
loved every single meal, and so far I have
lost almost 10 pounds! Thank you so much!
Happy Subscribers Speak
Happy Subscribers Speak
My kids are loving what I make for
at home Dad and not much of a
cook so that is saying a lot. Dinner
is much less of a whine fest. I've
very dependent on your
meal plans so please keep those
amazing recipes coming..

I just wanted to let you know that
my husband and I signed up with
your plan last week and we down
right fell in love!  Yesterday we
were reflecting on our first week
and things that were mentioned
were: tastes delicious, it's all
mapped out for us, Calorie and
Point values are given (as I started
WW and the Hubs uses
MyFitnessPal) didn't eat out once,
seen a drop on the scale, and the
best part is there is food in the
house! Actual healthy food! Since
there are only 2 of us it's nice to
have leftovers for lunch! We can't
believe we found something that
works with our busy schedules
and we know we're making healthy
Lane M.
Our afternoons and evenings are packed with work/sports
come home from work, realize we had to be at practice in a
hour, and either grab take-out or feed my kids a sandwich or
cereal.  Now that meals are planned and groceries are
waiting for me when I get home, I'm getting dinner on the
table 4-5 nights a week.  My husband and kids thank you!

My grocery costs have dropped a lot since starting  your
plan. I take my grocery list with me to the store and buy only
what I need.  I'm staying away from the unhealthy and
expensive convenience foods.  You've also got me checking
my pantry before I buy which helps.  Recipes are yummy.
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