First Kid Friendly PDF delivered within 1 hour
Back to School is hectic.  Feeding kids healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks - every day can be challenging.  
Especially when your child has even moderate weight issues. But healthy meals before, during and after school is a
critical element in your child's success as a student.  Breakfast often gets top billing as the "most important meal of
the day." But when you get down to it, though, every meal is important. Consider that an extra 100 calories at lunch,
such as french fries or chips, or even the typical school lunch, will add up to an extra 3,000 calories a month, helping
your child gain almost a pound of fat.  Even with all of the initiatives lately to get healthier lunches in to schools, the
menu in many school cafeterias looks more like a fast food restaurant than anyone's idea of a healthful meal.  

And healthy afternoon snacks fuel their minds and bodies for both sports, music or homework.  But you don't want to
feed them junk that will ruin their appetite for dinner.

So what's a busy parent to do?

Step up to the plate with our monthly PDF chock-full of kid friendly and healthy choices.  Perfect for kids who need to
lose weight or for those who just need to make healthier choices.  We've got over 50 kids testing these recipes  The
recipes in our PDF must meet the following criteria:

    *Picky-Eater Friendly
    *Easy enough for a child to prepare
    *Low in Fat
    *Scrumptiously Delicious