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20 newsletters (delivered every two days) that share the expert advice of
5 women (our staff) who have reached Lifetime (maintenance) with Weight
Watchers.  We'll tell you how to do the PointsPlus system completely on
your own.  We'll share our secrets to success and strategies to avoid
failure.  Since our meal plans are geared towards Weight Watchers we'll
even show you how to maximize our meal plans to your advantage.
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Each month you'll receive
  • 10 Kid Friendly Breakfasts
  • 10 Kid Friendly Snacks
  • 10 Kid Friendly Lunches
    (most of which a kid can make)
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Shrinking On A Budget Meal Plans

  • Both Weight Watchers Smart Points and Points Plus: Each meal plan will have both SmartPoints and PointsPlus listed for
    each recipe.  Any additional nutritional information (like sugar content) relevant to SmartPoints will also be included.

  • Recipes with SmartPoints in mind:  Many of our PointsPlus recipes will fit in nicely with the SmartPoints program. But we
    are tweaking the recipes to fit make more advantageous use of your SmartPoints.  

  • Preferred Client Customer Service email:  You’ll receive a special priority email contact address that will allow you
    a guaranteed response with 6 hours (usually much sooner)  if between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm EST.
    These emails will go directly to the cell phone of the designated Customer Service representative on call.

  • One additional vegetarian recipe per week:  We keep our vegetarian recipes so kid friendly and simple that we pass
    over many amazing recipes that many of our subscribers would devour.  So we’ll be offering one amazingly
    delicious (slightly more adventurous) choice every week.  This feature appears at the top of dinner menu each week

  • Freezer to Slow Cooker Meals:  Additionally, each week we'll provide a super simple,  make ahead freezer meal that
    can go from freezer to slow cooker. Weekly freezer to slow cooker meal appears at top of dinner menu each week.

  • Both Smart Points and Points+ for entrée listed on the meal plan itself:   This makes it easier to calculate your total
    meal Points Plus without having to actually go the recipe to determine.  This was actually a subscriber idea and

  • Shopping and Storage Tips: You'll earn your $12 back the first week with this alone. In the meal plan each week we  
    will give expert food storage and shopping tips that will maximize both your food's shelf life - and your budget.
    We've  never shared these before and we're extremely excited.  Our test audience WENT WILD over this!
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