Traditional Shrinking On a Budget Meal Plans
To the left you'll see what you get each week in our crazy popular
traditional meal plans.  A new meal plan is posted to the Portal weekly
on Saturdays.  Most meals take less than 30 minutes to prepare.

You'll always have access to 4 weeks worth
of meal plans at your disposal.  You'll have the choice of either a
PointsPlus Plan or a SmartPoints plan.

Each week you'll receive a reminder email to let you know a new
meal plan has been posted to the
Shrinking On a Budget Meal Plan Portal.
A new Kid Friendly series will be posted to the Portal once a month
All of the below products are available on one Portal so you can
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and Password for the Portal.
15 Minute Dinners
The entire newsletter series (providing genius shortcuts) is already on the
Portal for immediate access.  60 recipes that use these shortcuts are
currently on the Portal, but we're adding more weekly.
Weight Watchers for Free Bootcamp
This entire newsletter series is already on the Portal for immediate access.
Freezer to Slow Cooker
62 Freezer to Slow Cooker recipes are already on the Portal. New recipes
are added bi-weekly.
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products below on our Sample Portal