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    (includes newly added Picky Eater Breakfast and Lunch program)

  • Plug and Play Picky Eater Breakfasts and Lunches.  We'll make it easy for your Picky Eater to select Clean Eating breakfasts and
    lunches each week using our Plug and Play program complete with images for those who can't read!  (Available 9/15)

  • Lifetime subscription for weekly Clean Eating Meal Plans and Weight Watchers No Counting Points Meal Plans.  Meal Plans are
    delivered weekly. Newsletters are delivered every 3 days for 60 days.

  • Personalized Coaching from Jill (owner of Shrinking On a Budget).  You'll have access to her personal email.  
    She'll be available for help or support 7 days a week.   This is a BIG deal, as she only personally consults with
    100 subscribers every six months.   
  • Lifetime subscription of our traditional Shrinking On a Budget Meal Plans (geared toward PointsPlus or SmartPoints) which will
    allow you to bounce back and forth between Not Counting Points and Counting Points.  There might be times
    when one method is more advantageous than the other. (If you think  you might want to switch back and forth
    from not counting Points to counting Points, this is the best option)

  • 15 Minute Meal Recipe Collections for Clean Eating, PointsPlus/SmartPoints and Weight Watchers No Counting Points
    (available 9/15)

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