Portable Food
Healthy Dinner Literally "On the Go"
Do you and your family spend your weeknights and weekends hopping from one kid's practice to another one's game?
Juggling dinner around school, work, extracurricular schedules and games can often be nearly impossible.  There are times
when schedules get jammed up and you are literally feeding your kids dinner on the way to a game or practice.  

Or maybe you find yourself on the sidelines, watching a game during the dinner hour..   

It’s hard to cook when you’re not home to do it.  But with a plan, it is possible to get everyone fed without
resorting to the drive-thru.
We've got the easiest eating strategies for Portable Food you can make in minutes.

Regardless, on these insanely busy nights, you need
Portable Food.  Portable Food needs to easily stay hot or cold and needs
to be somewhat easy to eat while sitting in a car - or even standing up at a game.

The key is planning.  Look at your calendar before making your weekly meal plan.  Plan for
Portable Food on nights when time
will be super tight, so you'll have the option of taking dinner with you.  This way you'll have all the ingredients on hand for nights
that you know are jam packed with activities.

First, let's talk tips and strategies for eating Portable Food in the car or on the sidelines.  If you typically buzz through the drive
through on nights like this, you might need to stock up on a few items.
  • Car Kit:  Keep a small container in the car with napkins, handi-wipes, straws, plastic grocery bags (for garbage)
    and plastic cutlery.
  • Hot Pack, Cold Pack and small cooler
  • Individual Tupperware containers

Below are our suggestions for Portable Food   

Sandwiches and Wraps:
These are the obvious Superstars of Portable Food.  But if you’re regularly packing lunch meat sandwiches for lunch, you might
want something different for dinner.  
Easy Solution: Mix it up a bit.  
  • Flat-Out has great wraps and Fold-it sandwiches that make perfect Portable Food.  They also have some great flavors to
    add some interest to an otherwise plain sandwich.
  • Jazz up a ham sandwich with honey mustard dressing
  • Top a turkey sandwich with ranch dressing or even pesto mixed with plain yogurt.  
  • Hawaiian rolls are a great way to jazz up a plain sandwich.  
  • Branch out with some flavored deli meats (like Buffalo Chicken or Jerk Turkey)

We'll give a recipe today for a phenomenal PBJ, but we'll also have lots of Portable Food in our Recipe collection that comes out
in Newsletter #9.

Non-Sandwich Portable Food Suggestions:
  • Tortellini or Ziti PastaSalad:  Cold pasta salad is usually easier to eat on the run than warm.  Plus, hot pasta when kept
    warm tends to overcook. Tortellini is easier to fork and eat than, for example elbow noodles.
  • Chicken Salad: Using  your pre-cooked chicken, this is easily a 15 Minute Dinner that is super easy to eat in the car - as a
    sandwich or even in an individual tupperware containers
  • Kabobs with cherry tomatoes, deli meat cubes and cheese cubes
  • Meat Wraps:  Wrap sliced deli meat around string cheese sticks and bell pepper or pickle spears.  Secure with toothpicks.
  • Hot Dogs:  Boil them, immediately put them in a bun, then slide them into the bag the buns came.  Twist tie the bag closed
    and pop in a small cooler with a hot pack.  They'll stay hot this way for a couple of hours - and the buns get steamed.  
    YUM..  We're fans of Hebrew National reduced fat franks.

Complete the meal with individual bags of easy to eat fruit and veggies like grapes, bananas,  apples, carrot sticks, bell pepper
strips and celery.  Let the kids bag these up!  Put them to work!

Today's Recipe: PBJ Wrap