15 Minute Dinners - Real Meals for Real Life provides a ridiculously simple Plug and Play working system for surprisingly delicious
15 minute dinners. We'll currently have 60 Truly 10-15 minute recipes and we're adding new ones each week! . And because a recipe
is no good if your family doesn’t approve, we make sure the recipes are
kid friendly.

How do we do it?  We’ve developed creative strategies to streamline and “speed up” preparation of favorite recipes. Two of the
strategies take about 10 minutes hands-on prep time once a week. That's as time consuming as it gets!

Real Meals for Real Life Newsletter Series, give you a complete system for practical alternatives to take-out. Even for the busiest of
parents.  Even for the parents who
HATE to cook on busy nights.

The beauty of this system is that it isn't necessary to read the newsletters.  You can simply follow the 60
recipes we'll give you
.  They are designed to completely explain the shortcuts used in the system - step by
step.  The recipes are so easy that even kids can prepare.

We’ll even offer super easy side suggestions (like bagged salad or canned fruit).

We hired
30 kids/teens ranging from 7-17 to sit down with us to help whittle down 200 promising kid friendly recipes.
We came up with
60 recipes that met the following criteria:

1) Quick 10-15 minutes hands-on time
2) Kid Friendly (or modifiable in 1-2 minutes) - This is critical.  We know you don't have time to be a short order cook.
So we know a recipe doesn't qualify as a 10-15 minute dinner if your kids don't approve.
3) Easy Recipes - simple enough that even kids over 10 could prepare.
4) Inexpensive Ingredients you can find at grocery store
5) Uses as few pots/pans as possible (because no one has time for dishes)
6) Delicious - These are favorite recipes we have just streamlined. We don't skimp on flavor. We promise you will be shocked
to see things like tacos, spaghetti, and macaroni and cheese that we have truly managed to transform into
15 minute meals.
7) Lower Fat - While these recipes are sometimes higher in fat than our Shrinking On a Budget Meal Plans, we still use low-fat
ingredients when possible to keep the calorie and fat count in check.
We provide PointsPlus and SmartPoints on most recipes.

Lots of recipes don't count the time it takes to chop and peel when calculating prep time. Ours do. But we do not include the time it takes
to preheat an oven or boil water in the 15 minutes. These are mindless things we recommend you do while running around getting
things done before dinner. We included recipes that involve the oven and boiling water simply because it opened up possibilities

Each newsletters takes only 1-2 minutes to read

Newsletter 2-6 - We'll baby-step you through 4 super simple strategies for streamlining favorite recipes. These strategies are the
"magic wand" time savers that make delicious favorites like tacos and spaghetti a true 15 minute meal. You'll receive a recipe with each
of these newsletters that relates to the strategy

Newsletter 7 -  We'll walk you through selecting and gathering ingredients for an Emergency Meal so that you can have all ingredients
on hand - always - to make a 15 meal on a night when you haven't been to the grocery store - and have no plan.

Newsletter 8 -  Recipes!  We'll introduce you to 60 recipes that take 10-15 minutes (using the strategies you learned in previous
newsletters).  You'll be pleasantly surprised at the dinners you can create in 10-15 minutes.  We'll walk you through how to sit down with
your family and narrow these recipes down to your top 20 choices.

Newsletter 9 - 10 - We'll show you how to create a 15 Minute Recipe Book for your family, based on the 20 recipes you have
selected. This will become your
"dinner brain" on busy nights. We'll show you several different ways to index the Recipe Book so that
you'll be able to quickly access your recipes for easy planning. Trust us when we say this will be a
LIFESAVER on busy nights. You'll
have the option of creating a
Recipe Book with a 3 ring binder or online.  

Newsletter 11 - Get the Family Involved - Enlist your kids and significant other to help with prep and clean-up. We'll even show you
how to get your kids interesting in cooking dinner!

Newsletter 12 - Picky Eaters - Those of you who have Picky Eaters know they can (and do) derail any possibility of a 15 minute
dinner.  We truly do have realistic solutions for feeding their picky palates while still keeping to the 15 minute time line.  We worked with
ten moms of
super picky eaters to come up with these ideas.

Newsletter 13 - Pantry and Freezer Organization - Don't panic.  This is simply a newsletter that walks you through creating a
simple "landing spot" in the freezer and pantry so you can have easy access to ingredients you'll need to quickly access. Plus you'll be
able to quickly inventory items when creating a grocery list.

Newsletter 14 - Portable Food - There are nights when you're so busy, dinner is eaten in the car on the way to sports or music
practice or a game.  With the right recipes and a tiny bit of planning, eating on the run is a very doable and perfectly acceptable option.
We'll show you the strategies and tips.

Newsletter 15 - Planning for Hectic - With a 15 Minute Recipe Book as your "dinner brain", you'll be able to grab your calendar,
pick out recipes for the crazy nights, then make a quick grocery list.  You'll be armed, prepared and ready for the busy week.

Today's Recipe: Apricot Ham

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