Power Up Your Weight Loss

The beauty of Weight Watchers® is that nothing is off limits so there is no need to set yourself up for failure by depriving yourself.  Every food is
assigned a certain PointsPlus® value.  All foods have a PointsPlus® value. As long as you stay within your PointsPlus® allowance for the Daily and
Weekly allowance, and have your
Healthy Guidelines planned for each day, you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight.  

Weight Watchers does encourage you to eat a healthy diet by ensuring that you meet the
Good Healthy Guidelines each day.  Bottom Line: You're going
to lose more weight - more quickly by sticking with foods that Weight Watchers recommends make up most of your diet.  It’s just part of an overall plan
of eating mostly Weight Watchers
Power Foods with well-chosen moments of splurges. Although Power Foods, fruits and vegetables have fewer Points
Plus, the plan allows you to have any foods you want. You simply track what you eat, watch portion sizes, aim to meet the Good Health Guidelines, and
get some activity.

The plan focuses on Power Foods to be the
base of your diet (we'll provide the list below).  These include lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole
grains.  While there are so many temptations lurking out there, making it hard to make the right food choices, the PointsPlus® concept guides you
towards making smart, healthful and satisfying choices to lose weight without having to think a whole lot about it.  
The upshot is that if you make the
healthy choices (Power Foods),
you... get... to.... eat... more... food;

Healthier more nutritional food higher in protein and fiber requires and burns more energy for digestion (up to 25% more) than unhealthy foods (even if
they have the same calorie content). Food with a higher protein and fiber content is more filling and satisfying, reducing the hunger and cravings that
often damage weight loss endeavors.

So it is a guidance system that makes the healthy, satisfying choice,  the easy choice.  You truly do start craving the Power Foods because (maybe
not even consciously) you know you get to eat more.  

Power Foods = full belly while still staying on plan.  Simple. You'll be surprised how quickly your body realizes this.

Power Foods consist of lean meats, most fruits and vegetables, whole grain starches, light breads, fat-free dairy products, certain
seasonings and condiments and many more.  Here is a complete list of the
Weight Watchers Power Foods.

What is not included in Power Foods are things like processed meats, dried fruits, juices and seafood packed in oil.

The Weight Watchers Points Plus® concept encourages you to make the bulk of your diet Power Foods (click on link to see full list).  Power Foods are
lean protein, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Food with a higher protein and fiber content is more filling and satisfying, reducing the hunger
cravings that can tank a diet. Healthier more nutritional food higher in protein and fiber requires and burns more energy for digestion (up to 25% more)
than unhealthy foods (even if they have the same calorie content).

Although you get to eat more food if you make the Power Foods the base of your daily diet, nothing is forbidden.
Nothing. The PointsPlus® program
leaves room for indulgence, making the program livable and flexible.  You can have that piece of chocolate cake or slice of pizza.  Just take it out of
your Activity Points or your Weekly Allowance.  Although the 5 of us on staff differ in our strategies, we all agree that any diet that restricts you from
anything can't work long term for us personally.

What Do I Eat
Good news is that fruits and veggies are all 0 PointsPlus® (except starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn, peas and avocado)! Freebies!.  So if you're
still hungry after eating the planned amount for lunch, grab an apple, carrot sticks or some grapes.  Yes, fruits and vegetables contains calories, but
they are also full of vitamins and minerals that contribute to your general health and fiber that keeps your metabolism humming. Many people do not get
the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables each day so the “eat as much as you like” rule will also encourage you make healthier choices.

We'll talk in a future newsletter about strategies for those of you who aren't big fans of fruits and vegetables.  We have a proven method that will get
you eating them - we promise.  

Daily Healthy Guidelines
Although you can eat whatever you want as long as you stay within your allotted PointsPlus® range, you must meet the below requirements every day in
order to stay on track with the Weight Watchers plan.  This ensures your entire diet isn't junk food.  If necessary, you can use some of your weekly
® to get these Daily Healthy Guidelines in, but it is highly recommended you get these in with your Daily PointsPlus®.

It is imperative to follow the Daily Healthy Guidelines with the Weight Watchers® Points Plus concept :
5 servings of fruits & veggies
2 servings of milk products
5 servings of fruits & veggies
2 servings of milk products
6 glasses of “liquids”
2 tsp healthy oils
1-2 servings of lean protein
1 multivitamin a day
Choose Whole Grains when possible
At least 30 minutes of activity a day most days of the week

All 5 of us also recommend 8 glasses of water, not “6 glasses of liquids”.  Water is an amazing tool for succeeding on this system.

Staying Accountable
One of the most effective parts of the diet is the accountability that comes from weighing in weekly at your local meeting. If you are going to do it at
home, it is critically important to find a way to create accountability. Obviously you won't have this tool in your belt if you are doing the program for free.  
Create your own accountability system by finding friends near you and have a weekly weigh-in. Or have your spouse or significant other encourage you
to "weigh in" once a week. Share your weight loss goals with family or friends and keep them updated on weekly progress. Post progress on your
refrigerator or mirror to keep you on track and motivated. Find a way to keep yourself accountable to weighing in every week and sticking with the diet.  
The Weight Watchers website has an amazing community forum where you can find support and accountability as well.

In the next newsletter we'll help your calculate your daily PointsPlus® allotment, teach you how to calculate PointsPlus
®, teach you how to track your
food, and go over the importance of activity.  
You can expect this next newsletter tomorrow.

NEWSLETTER #3 - How to Calculate Daily PointsPlus® Allowance

Legal Disclaimer:
For starters, we do not claim ownership of any of the calculator links or instructional blog posts we will be providing, so we cannot vouch for their accuracy. These are
simply links and tools that we use, and we're passing the information along to you. We will say, however, that based on our opinion and experience as Weight
Watchers subscribers who have reached their goal weight, these links are accurate.  *NOTE: This is intended to be an informative newsletter.  We highly recommend
that you see your doctor before beginning Weight Watchers® or any other plan to lose weight.  If you have any kind of a health issue whatsoever, it is imperative that
you see your doctor before beginning the program.  We are not physicians and cannot comment on the safety of this plan for your specific circumstances.  It is also
important that we note we are not affiliated with Weight Watchers® in any way. We also must legally state that the only way to truly follow Weight Watchers® is to
attend Weight Watchers meetings or subscribing to Weight Watchers® Online. What we will be showing and teaching you are the principles behind the previous Weight
Watchers Points Plus®  system. This information is readily available on the Internet, so we are not divulging any well kept secrets. We also must inform you that we are
not trained Weight Watchers® leaders.  We are simply 5 women who have successfully maneuvered Weight Watchers® and succeeded in reaching our goal weight.  
We have also gathered tips and strategies from over 100 women and men who have successfully lost weight on Weight Watchers® .  We want to share the tools and
strategies for success and for dealing with failure.
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